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The Border Vixen

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No one important died in this book.Bertrice Small was a member of The Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, PAN, and PASIC.

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  • User imageLada

    The Border Vixen: Small, Beatrice, Tanner, Jill

    Like any Small romance, that is merely the beginning.Not as naughty as most of her other stories, but still enough to make you blush. Ye would appear to be reasonably intelligent and competent, my lord. Allmacht / Das Erbe der Macht Bd.12 A wide leather belt encircled her waist.And the heroine was initially described as this warrior woman type but she gave it up too quickly and too easily.
  • User imagebarmalej58

    The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles): Bertrice Small, Jill

    She had never met a man before who was quite so direct.She lived on eastern Long Island for over 30 years. For generations, the Kerrs have maintained the pass, allowing passage for peaceful purposes only. The Trip to Panama - Enhanced Edition Maggie is a The Border Vixen by Beatrice Small Fingal.History is woven flawlessly through a romance that kept me hooked from beginning to end.
  • User imageOTK

    The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles Book 5) - Kindle

    This one is set in Scotland, 1536.What is not to like. This one is set in Scotland, 1536. Nur wer sichtbar ist, findet auch statt I have found all of them worthy reads but for reasons stated in my review, I did not recommend the Captive Heart.In this installment, we are introduced to a 17 year old girl who is the last of her line of Kerrs who rule the Scottish side of the great toll road, Aisir nam Breug (which in English means "the false passage").
  • User imagekir_pich

    The Border Vixen (A Medieval Scottish Romance): Small

    I would rank it not as good as the first, second and fourth but better than the third (see list below).Why would he send me a gift? But those incidents are woven so easily into the charm of the story with engaging characters that you forgive an exaggeration or two. Wonky Donkey Though Maggie was tall for a woman, he towered over her.I love her descriptions of the lands, the customs, the foods and most of all the fash Mini-Review: Another wildly passionate Bertrice Small historical novel filled with fiery Scottish wenches and strapping border lords.
  • User image35ZX

    The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles, Band 5):

    This had some of her old traditions - liberal doses of history and lusty, exuberant love scenes- but no unexpected lengthy separations of hero and heroine -- with second lovers to teach the heroine the way to wander in the gardens of Eros while the hero is presumed dead.Lessard for Romance Novel News On the other hand, the political history she details bores me to death. I believe this book should be read in order, after the books before it. Schattendunkel / Obsidian Bd.1 She never was really put to the test.Then the King sends someone to keep watch over this village.