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Der Gefuhlscode

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That our emotional experience writes itself somehow in our bodies, in our neurons, to guide our instinct and intuition, and that we may have discovered where in the brain this inscription occurs is an irresistible notion.I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley.

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  • User imagecaptcehr

    Der Gefuhlscode: Die Entschlusselung unserer Emotionen

    All books reviewed by your truly. Notes and references and a formal bibliography provided.An interesting look at aggression. Warum Kater Konrad ins Wasser sprang und eine Maus in die Luft ging / Kater Konrad Bd.1 Frazzetto is very likeable and does a good job of balancing a narrative of his personal experiences with neuroscience.But we are getting close, we knew roughly where they are.
  • User imageEnuppyParry

    Physiologie - Der Gefuhlscode. Die Entschlusselung unserer

    I would probably not really recommend it unless someone expressly said they like neuroscience and just want basic rundowns of emotions from that perspective. Whatever happened in childhood, there is still room for change, development and discovery.This book really caused me to think about the role that emotions play in our lives and the neurological reasoning behind those emotions. Lindner und das Apfelmannle But we are getting close, we kn fMRI and...Each topic includes a mix of literary quotes, personal connections to his life, neuroscience, and most importantly, wisdom.
  • User imageelsinor

    Der Gefuhlscode von Giovanni Frazzetto - Fachbuch -

    The book is laid out logically and is very easy to follow and understand. It really was an informative read.Zu den Unterschieden zwischen Kahnemans und Freuds Denken vgl. Chinas Weg zur Weltmacht This book gives insight on how our emotions might work which is something that is not often talked about.After high school, he moved to the UK to study science at University College London and in 2002 he received a PhD from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg.
  • User imageNinjakas

    Der Gefuhlscode - Hanser Fachbuch

    Because he isolates each emotion as a topic, the focus on his message remains consistently clear. Frazzetto war Fellow am Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, wo er bis 2015 lebte.Many topics of interest within neuroscience were not covered. MENSCH:GEMACHT Yet they do not cover the entire breadth of an emotion.A good epilogue that wraps everything nicely.
  • User imagevovakula

    G. Frazzetto: Der Gefuhlscode -

    Anxiety: Fear of the Unknown, 4. Die beiden Systeme lassen sich in etwa mit Freuds Es und Ich vergleichen.The importance of emotions in decision making. Jetzt wirds wild / Miles & Niles Bd.3 Auf dieses Meeting haben Sie sich lange vorbereitet.Frazzettos Buch ist eine rasante Achterbahnfahrt durch die Welt unserer Emotionen, an deren Ende wir Wut, Trauer und Freude mit vollkommen anderen Augen sehen.