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The Elusive Obvious

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It was thanks to Angela, a German painter in search of inspirational quotations for an exhibition on FREEDOM, that I came across a sentence which pleased her.It was very comfortable and it linked up with my work, certainly, but then I also became interested in it for another reason.

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    The Elusive Obvious: The Convergence of Movement

    I highly recommend that you read The Elusive Obvious, Dr.And I enjoyed teaching and working with meditators. Roger: Because generally people, especially in our culture, have learned that the harder you work at something, the more you get. The Quest of the Missing Map The Elusive Obvious deals with simple, fundamental notions of our daily life that through habit become elusive.The main argument is that there are more neural connections that are handling internal processes than ones that process external ones.
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    The Elusive Obvious (eBook epub), Moshe Feldenkrais

    We might begin to practice viewing others as filled with potential, just as we are.And I had assumed this must be liberation, and yet it faded. I want to be on the ground and in a little place where I belong. Das Manuskript It was about my outside skin and my listening and remembering how my body felt in these places when it was light and I knew where I was.The mental focus is simply contraction along with the belief that what we call attention can be projected towards thoughts or sensations in the body or towards external objects.