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To his credit, he offers up a convincing explanation and does not counterattack.Oral tradition of passing down history is well-known.

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  • User imageGrmsTReF

    Peter Guber: Tell To Win - YouTube

    The funny thing is how important story is, not just in our photographic world, but in business too. They represent significant updates to Windows.I tried to avoid the reviews because the book was highly recommended by someone I respect. Tiere als sprechende Gefahrten But the second time I read it, I ended up liking it A LOT.Some points are valid and interesting, but the book should be condensed to merely a couple of pages.
  • User imageParadoks

    Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the

    We are always looking at what trends are going on in the photography world (and hopefully helping set some) as well as looking inward at how we can better improve our business. I think the difference is the mindset.So, for example, he tells one on himself. Sido - Ich will mein Lied zuruck Yeah, yeah yeah you are cool and you met a lot of people and some of those stories are cool.I was about ready to put the book aside.
  • User imageSaboteur

    Tell to Win - #1 New York Times Best Seller |

    When he saw the king, he taken aback at how impressively the king was dressed. Except those stories sometimes involve people telling other stories.The ex I really enjoyed this book. Karl Marx It turns out the reviews were right.How we, in turn, can create such stories is the great reward of this book.
  • User imageIv-Nar

    Tell to Win - Learn from the best

    It might seem a bit dry and not very insightful. Guber is always entertaining and the book never flags, even while offering some of the soundest and most practical tips you will get from any business book this year.One of my favorites is about when he was making a film in Thailand and had to see the king in order to obtain permission for what he was doing. Der Warenkorper It seems the author knows everyone and their brother and it gets really tiresome really fast.Who would go to the movies to see a PowerPoint presentation?
  • User imagefriend_j

    Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the

    The author predictably (and sometimes confusingly) tells stories to illustrate his theories about the power of story in business. I will not recommend this book unless you want to just pass time reading about irrelevant stories.I found it very disconnected and lacking an overall theme. Immun gegen Probleme, Stress und Krisen Long book that focuses mainly on reinforcing the coolness factor of Peter Guber.And that would have been too bad, because Tell To Win offers a lot of sound advice for anyone trying to lead through persuasion.